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Project Pinterest Pelo, Part 1

For my loyal henchpersons who solamente habla inglés, “pelo” is Spanish for “hair.”  Given that tidbit, you can feel really good about reading my blog today.  It’s kind of like you’re getting a grown-up version of Sesame Street—highly educational, mildly entertaining, and exceptionally good for your career.

And because you are all obviously brilliant thinkers (you’re reading my blog), I’m not going to take much time to set the stage for you.  I’m trying out hairstyles I’ve seen on Pinterest.  That’s it.

On the first day of Pinterest hair, my true love gave to me…a short hair chignon that kept falling.

I got the idea for the chignon (which I still have no idea how to pronounce, by the way) from this site.  Several of the hairdos here seem to hold a lot of promise, with the caveat that you invest a little more effort and a lot more practice than I did.  I think the concept of this particular ‘do is especially sound and could really look great.  Even my slacker version got several compliments at work yesterday, and I rarely get hair compliments.  It’s a keeper for my repertoire.

What it was supposed to look like:

What it ended up looking like:

On the second day of Pinterest hair, my true love gave to me…a sock bun hair-curling fiasco.

Day two’s idea for the sock-bun curls came from this site.  Beautiful curls, little effort, even painless sleeping on the bun: Genius.  Let me warn you, though, short-ish hair in layers does not a good candidate make.  The bottom part of my hair, which barely even made it up into the high ponytail, wasn’t even the slightest bit curly.  The top layers, however, were wavy.  I can totally see where this could work.  I think I’ll try it again over the weekend with a bun up high for the short layers and a second, lower one for the longer section.

What it was supposed to look like:







What it ended up looking like:

Yeah, not so good.  And the shirt color is completely coincidental.  If I’d realized how awful it looked before I took this picture, I would’ve just pulled it up today.  Blah.

We shall see what day three holds in store tomorrow!

*This entry was brought to you by the letter D and the number 16.*


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