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Medical Mysteries

My nose has been tingly today.  It’s not the fun “feel-like-I’m-going-to-sneeze” tingly, but more of an “I-know-there’s-nothing-in-my-nose-but-I-keep-checking” dull ache tingly.  Since this isn’t an everyday occurrence for me, I decided to consult the interweb gods about my symptoms.

Sage words from a friend of mine…

Rule No. 1: Trust and believe everything you read on the internet, especially medical advice.

I am, thus, diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and/or menopause.  I won’t fully dismiss either possibility.

Fact—Jack Osbourne has MS and he’s younger than me, so it could totally happen to anybody.

Fact—few, if any, women in my family have experienced natural menopause (either due to cancer, medical procedures, or early death), so maybe my biological clock stopped ticking at 29.  Who knows?!

There is, of course, the off chance that the tingly nose is a result of allergies.  Stupid, annoying, adult-onset allergies; no doubt triggered by working in a cube farm.

Allergies require meds.  Old ladies at work have meds.

Sage words from me…

Rule No. 2: Don’t take meds from a lady who keeps all of her pills in one bottle.

She said it was for allergies, but most of those pills looked alike.  There’s a chance I’m being medicated for incontinence or hemorrhoids or any number of other geriatric problems.  Try to tame your envy while I’m living the dream here.


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