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Pet Peeves

There’s a good chance I might be prophetic.  Not ten minutes after posting about the Sith cat, my mom called to tell me she’d been victimized by said creature of darkness.  Bites, scratches, blood, the whole shebang.

Given this, I will take today’s blogging opportunity to discuss the fact that I’d like to win the lottery.  No?  Okay then.

We’re bunking with my folks while waiting for the new house to be finished.  It’s great for the budget.  It’s not, however, great for the safety and well-being of anyone in the house.  Storm (aka vampire kitty) has been on quite a behavioral roller coaster—sweet and snuggly one minute, viciously attacking the next.  She seems to enjoy the new buffet of blood types.

The dogs, Scout and Shadow, have gotten to explore new flavors as well.  My parents have an acre fenced in as their backyard, which tends to attract critters.  Last year there was a family of foxes; they are almost certainly the cutest little animals in the entire world!  Thankfully, the dogs were not around to bother them.

This year features a family of voles, which sounds much uglier than calling them “meadow mice,” which is basically what they are.  Scout has decided she is a mouser and enjoys the thrill of the hunt.  Her partner in crime, Shadow, has taken to finishing the project.

So when I got home from work, Mom told me about our brave little vole-hunting team.  Upon relaying Shadow’s feast, a loud, satisfied mouse burp erupted from the dog’s mouth.  It was equally hilarious and disgusting; her timing was exquisite.

I really hope that my kids (if I ever have them) don’t end up as bizarre as my pets.


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