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It’s Official

I’m going to Oregon in September!  Booked the airfare last night, so now I can start mapping out destinations*.

…if I can drag myself away from the stupid puzzle.  I had to take a night off last night, but here’s what it looked like before that.

Not sure how much I’ll accomplish tonight as I’m finally taking my mom to go see The Hunger Games.  She read all of the books, so I’m hoping she enjoys it.  This is my 4th time seeing it in the theater; I expect it’ll be the last unless I attend a pre-Catching Fire screening. <cough>dork<cough>

*I’ve already compiled a small list of things to see.  The coast is a must; Cannon Beach and Thor’s Well both look amazing.  Also hoping to get some good waterfall shots at Multnomah and Latourell.  Silver Falls State Park looks like a winner, too.  And since I’ve seen Forks, WA, I figure I ought to check out some of the Oregonian (is that a word?) filming locales from Twilight.  Purely in the interest of good investigative reporting, of course.


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