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Fiddler on the Roof

I cannot verify if there was, in fact, a fiddler on my roof.  I can, however, verify that the house now has a roof!


It also has the blues; blues that are much more blue than expected.  We picked Sherwin Williams color “Storm Cloud” which is supposed to look like this…

But it turned out looking like this…

So yours truly needs to make a paint run over my lunch break to find something a little less “country-goose-blue” (shout out to my good friend over at Cheerios in My Bra for that awesome color descriptor).

Fireplace also got installed yesterday.  I’ll try to rustle up some inspiration photos for the stone surround and mantel.  And if you’re wondering, I had to look up “mantel” because “mantle” is one of those stupid homonyms, and I can never remember which one is for the fireplace and which one is a druid-type cloak.


One response

  1. Very cute musings! Love it!

    6.12.2012 at 8:04 pm

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