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Ignorance IS Bliss

I’ve made a lot of bad decisions in my life.  Yesterday marked unfortunate choice #4,187,392 (give or take a couple).

I wore shoes that kind of made my feet stink—bad, but not the real baddy.  I pulled my hair into a side ponytail, which I’m pretty sure “cool” people haven’t done since the ’80s—not great, but not the real baddy either.

The real tragedy:  I looked at the nutrition facts for Dairy Queen Blizzard treats.

Yes, ultimately it was a very good, responsible idea to look out for my health and begin to care about what I’m putting into my body.  But it was supery-dupery depressing, dang it!  And here’s the thing…I’ve never even been much of an ice cream person.  Until just a few months ago, I gravitated towards cake/frosting/cookies.  That was before I discovered the turtle pecan cluster blizzard.

Said treat is nothing short of blissful.  It’s like puppy breath and unicorn smiles and napping babies and purring kittens all surrounded by fluffy clouds and rainbows and sunshine and flowers.  Not that you’d want to eat any of those things, let alone a combination thereof.

Anyway, the delight summoned by the yumminess is eclipsed by only the ridiculous calorie count.  It’s just sick, y’all.  I tried to find a way to justify it, thinking it could be a cheat treat.  That’s a pretty tough one to justify, even for someone who enjoys food as much as I do.

If I were a responsible blogger, I’d tell you all to take care and do your food homework.  I’m not that blogger.  So here’s the real takeaway: If you enjoy your food and don’t want to feel guilty, resist the urge to check out nutritional specifics.  Be smart and consume unhealthy stuff in moderation (if at all), but don’t blame me if you forget the old cliché.  Ignorance really is bliss in some cases!


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