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One of the reasons I’m most excited to get into our new house is my Star Wars room.  I have twenty-seven or so years’ worth of toys and memorabilia and general crappity crap (read: pizza boxes, cereal boxes, issues of TV Guide, etc.) that I’ve been hoarding collecting.  It started with action figures and moved to ball cards and posters and, finally, I’m graduating to bona fide art.  I can’t wait to display it all!

The interwebs have made it easy to find phenomenally geeky works by lesser-known artistic geniuses.  Here are three of my favorites.

Ever heard of James Hance?  I fell hopelessly in love with the “Wookiee the Chew” concept; ended up ordering the book and three prints.

Then there’s my personal friend John DiBiase.  His portraits are spot-on stunning; truly hard to believe they’re not photographs!  Seriously, go look at his Etsy store.  Go on, you can always come back to my blog later.

And a little lady who is getting her share of attention (well deserved) these days is Katie Cook.  She’s put a cutesy fangirl twist on lots of fun franchises.  Here’s my personal favorite collection of her sketch cards.

With any luck, I’ll find a way to build shelving like this for part of my display…


One response

  1. Thanks for the love! I admit… I’m slightly envious that you will have a designated Star Wars room. haha. 🙂

    5.29.2012 at 4:50 pm

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