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*Bright* Idea

Let’s say there’s a lovely thunderstorm moving into the area and you think, “This would be the perfect morning to try to get a really good lightning picture.”  Stop.  Do not pass go.

I have a love/hate relationship with thunderstorms.  In short, I love them when they meet two simple criteria:

  1. They’re not tornadic
  2. They’re during the daylight hours

All others need not apply.  Particularly the tornadic ones—instant hatred.

This morning’s storm met my standards.  And it was a particularly sky-electrifying system, so I decided I’d stop at a nice vista on my way to work to snap some pics with my trusty iPhone.

Nice overall view, nice cloud lightning.

And then came the big, close, cloud-to-ground, almost-blinded-me strike.

Also scared the snot out of me and sent me merrily on my way to work.

Next time, I’ll wear a welding mask and take a camera with more settings!


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