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A year ago today, much of Joplin, Missouri, was devastated by a deadly tornado.  Joplin holds a special place in my heart; one of the best days of my life took place there (a story for another day).  I saw the damage firsthand last June, and it broke my heart.

Nothing can compare to the tragedy of lives lost, of course, but thousands of people lost their homes and possessions.  Slivers of dwellings, shreds of accumulated treasures, all covered in “tornado mud” with no concern for who or what might have been destroyed in the process.

As I witness the construction of a new home, I can’t help but think how feeble it is in the grand scheme of things.  Time, effort, hard-earned money invested to build your life…and it can all be swept away in moments.  With this in mind, we had a storm shelter built into our new basement.  It’s no guarantee of protection, but anything helps here in tornado alley.

No good storm shelter pics tonight, but there has been a lot of progress since the last update.  Take a look.





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