nesting * geeking * critiquing


“Before” consisted of the first 29 years (minus one day) of my life.  As far as I knew, this was as good as it got, and that wasn’t disappointing.  In fact, it was pretty great.  Wonderful family, good friends, a nice home, satisfying job, and weather that changed with the seasons.  But on February 15 (the day before my 29th birthday), we flew into Sea-Tac Airport.  Thus began “After.”

We traipsed around national forests.  We drove hither and thither, watching for werewolves and vampires.  We saw the ocean from the most beautiful coastline I can imagine—this after staying oceanfront in San Diego mere months earlier.  I got an infection in one of my ear piercings, but even that didn’t dampen my enthusiasm, at least not too much.  Guess you could say I’m pining for the Pacific Northwest. <rimshot>


What do you think?

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