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No progress to report on the home front today.  Our builder is out of town, so the framing crew apparently decided to take a break as well.  I’ll be honest, it’s kind of a nice break for me, too.  Instead of uploading pictures, I’ve spent my free time reading.

College more or less ruined me on reading—with all of the academic effort, I had little time for (or interest in) recreational reading.  Before going to work for the card factory, I had a stint as library clerk for our public library.  One would think those surroundings would inspire a reading frenzy.  One would be wrong.  The more I handled books, the less I wanted anything to do with them.  I like to imagine it’s the same scenario if you work at a donut shop or chocolate factory.  Except that in either of those places, you expect that none of the goods are returned with snot all over them…or with peanut butter and jelly smooshed between the pages…or reeking of cigarettes/urine/body odor…or carried in a bag that a roach crawls out of while you’re handling it.  Yeah, that happened.  And, surprisingly, the patron was oblivious to the situation.  Yours truly calmly (and ever so swiftly) “dropped” a book and squashed the critter, then brushed it into the trashcan below the counter.  Thinking about it still makes me gag a little.

So while I didn’t do much reading during that time, I did manage to accumulate an impressive assortment of loaned materials.  I snatched up the cool new stuff when it came in, only to leave it sitting in a stack at home.  It’s remarkably easy to lack urgency in consuming media when one has an overabundance thereof—and immunity from overdue fines.

I did read during my library days (the Twilight series, Marley & Me, Jon Katz books, and several less notable others), but my most recent finds have been more enjoyable.  If by some chance you’ve been living under a rock and missed all the frenzy about The Hunger Games, I hereby bestow the highest of accolades for the series.  You’ve not been following me long, so you really have little reason to believe me, but I assure you the books are solid and completely deserving of the hype.  Another recent favorite: Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter.  Laughable concept, yes, but flawless execution (pun intended).  Just don’t let that endorsement—and your preconceived notions—taint my earlier praises for The Hunger Games.

And because I can’t not talk about it, let me leave you with this thought: I want to be Jenny Lawson when I grow up.  Not that I envy her experiences, but her writing is spot-on.  Take a few minutes to visit Amazon and read the first few pages of Let’s Pretend This Never Happened.  If you don’t enjoy it, that’s okay.  You can still be my friend.


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