nesting * geeking * critiquing

Spirited New World

Troopers’ Thicket entertains the musings of a girl called Darth Amethystos.  “Who is this Darth Amethystos?” you ask.  She’s me.

I’m a life-long Star Wars fangirl.  My pets all have the middle name Trooper.  Two dogs: Scout and Shadow.  One deceptively adorable cat: Storm (aka Vampire Kitty).  Said kitty has definite psychological issues, but few things relax me more than her purr.  This is, no doubt, part of her plan for world domination—lull the victim to sleep then indulge the bloodlust with venom-tipped, razor-sharp fangs.

I escape during the day to avoid being preyed upon in my own home.  A well-known greeting card company pays me to take refuge in their packaging studio.  I fiddle with words and, basically, critique people’s work.  I also get the privilege of contributing to brainstorms for some of our Star Wars product; it’s a pretty great gig (most days).

Though opinionated and critical, I’m a rather indecisive person—this presents challenges in the throes of building a new home.  I want it rustic and lodgey, craftsman and cozy, farmhousey and airy.  There are just so many possibilities!  But most of all, I want it to be done.  There’s a storage pod brimming with Star Wars paraphernalia eager to get into its new abode.


What do you think?

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